Are you ready for a treasure hunt?

Join me for Catt's Cosmic Smash Bash on Friday, March 17, 2023!

This Friday, I'm excited to share a combination of metacognitive drawing with the practice of ho'oponopono, a process that is designed to help clear junk that's hanging around in your subconscious and reach the "zero point". You may know it as the field of infinite potential, or divine source energy, or simply as Love.

You know when you've reached it because Inspiration has an unmistakable signature. For me, it's when every cell in my body comes alive and starts to tingle. I am full of energy, full of love for the entire world, and I feel like I could do almost ANYTHING I set my mind to!

Those intrepid souls which reach this place of unconditional love are offered a gift - an idea or inspired action.

IF they listen closely.

Let's practice together!

Question to Ponder: What does Inspiration look/sound/taste/smell/feel like for you?

About Tara Erin

The Productivity Muse

Welcome, Friend!

My name is Tara Erin, and I am an artist, creativity coach...and career administrative professional.

All my life, I've felt torn between these roles, and have sought new ways to integrate them. Council of Muses is the result of that struggle.

At first, I thought that Council of Muses was about using creativity in service of our goals.

Now, I know it's ALL about living from inspiration.

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My professional designations and certifications include:

BA in Art, Northeastern University (1997)

Distiguished Toastmaster (2016)

Intentional Creativity Teacher (2018)

Cosmic Smashbooking Guide (2020)

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