Musing on Compassion

Last night I sat with darker passions – resentment, anger, and pride. I neither denied them, nor gave them free rein, but acknowledged them and allowed them space within myself to be expressed.

This morning, for my birthday perhaps, they returned to me a gift of understanding.

Take no action in haste, and speak not in anger. Rather, sit with yourself in compassion. Com-Passion: together with passion (1). Allow your passion to be, and like a good friend, ask what it needs you to know.
Your darker passions are like winds under your command. You can let them swallow you up, like a tornado, blinding you with the detritus it sucks up, and leaving a path of destruction across the landscape of your life. Or you can go with your passion, like a kite or glider or even a scrap of paper upon the wind, and SEE where it takes you.
As you observe passion’s current,, you can learn to navigate it, and rise up to gain a new perspective. Seeing where it came from and whither it goes, you can see if it will spend itself, or if some action is needed on your part to heal that which created the storm.
My Personal Smashbook Pages, 3/1/19

Applied Creativity: An Exercise in Self Compassion

Take your passion to the page. Express it in words. Then, find or create an image that captures the emotion you are feeling. Cut it up and collage it across the page like an exploded puzzle. This is your wisdom portal.

Once you have done this, write, paint and/or collage over the first writing, focusing on in the in-between spaces. See what wisdom this expanded space to honor your feelings will bring forth. 

Share your creations in the comments!


  1. Etymology of compassion, by

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