Creativity and Crisis

It used to be much scarier, but I’ve come to terms with scary over the last few years. Much more faith in my resilience. Much better able to shift from anxiety to problem solving, staying grounded in crisis.

Tara Erin

If there’s one thing an ongoing state of crisis can teach you, it’s how to move from reaction to action, and from fear or a into creative problem solving mode. It can allow you to get comfortable with at least some of the unknowns in any given situation, and shift more quickly to a fresh perspective and new insights on the issue at hand.

Given that no life is without crisis, at least from time to time, this benefit of creativity alone makes it worth cultivating.

Having spent the last 7 years in crises of various sorts I know this to be true, because my resilience has increased in proportion to my creative practice.

Most persistent has been the chronic unemployment of my life partner, but also spicing the mix have been a near fatal heart attack (again, my partner), being disowned by my parents for religious reasons, tax problems, and the occasional loss of utilities. Water. Electricity. Heat. Phone service. Our three vehicles have a combined odometer reading of about 560,000 miles, and at least one of them is constantly out of service. Last night, the most reliable of these (a 2002 Honda Civic with about 280,000 miles) was impounded for an expired registration I had lost track of.

Sigh. Just when I had confirmed a payment arrangement with the IRS, and thought we were out if the woods.

I went through the familiar cycle: from panic to anger to blame to forgiveness.

Start all over again when something wakes me up at three a.m.: panic again. Try to remember what I’ve learned about accepting the present, looking to he future as place of infinite possibility. Remember all he impossible solutions I’ve already seen.

Recognize your “crisis cycle”.

Mine is: Panic. Anger. Blame. Forgive. Repeat.

You may not be able to forestall it entirely, but the more you become aware of it, the sooner you can reroute it into a more productive path.

Panic. Anger. Pray. Center. Claim Creative Power from the space of Possibility. Repeat.

Pray. Remember I’ve been through stuff like this before. Remember that not knowing the answers doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Re-center myself in the energy of Love, of possibility. Remember I get to write the next part of the story. Shift to creative problem solving mode.

Recognizing the pattern and allowing myself to move through all the emotions along the way helps me break through much more quickly, and helps me maintain a greater measure of peace and joy along the way.

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