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Artist in a Cubicle: Creating an Armature for Imagination

An armature, according to Google Dictionary, is “a metal framework on which a sculpture is molded with clay or similar material.”  I first learned about them when I was about 16, and working on a chess set made of polymer clay: an armature was needed for the delicate and intricate figures I was designing…and even then, the pieces were quite fragile. None of them have survived my many moves since that day.

Similarly, when we’re practicing creativity, we always need some sort of support or framework.  For painting, it’s a canvas or panel. For work, I’ve found that the Bullet Journal Method works incredibly well as an armature onto which I can build creative practices. The underlying rigor lends the creative practice a power it lacks when uncoupled from the framework.  For instance, I’ve been practicing art since I was a child, and in 2018 I even trained and was certified as an Intentional Creativity Teacher.  But it was only when I began to marry that practice with strategic planning framworks, SMART Goals, and other tools of trade and business that I began to gain momentum on my dream of becoming a creative entrepreneur.

In this episode, I walk you through the four main bullet journal spreads I use to structure my work, creating a framework around which to build in creative practice.

And, if you’d like to download my PDF planner templates, you can find them HERE.


  • Yenitza Harrison

    Hi Tara,

    I just wanted to reach out to you because I really enjoyed watching your video clip and what inspired you. I am an artist through dance and pastry decorating. I am not a painter, I think it is great how you found your way to express art with including others that need to embrace that side of themselves. You created something beautiful that others that love art and don’t have the opportunity to engage in it, are able to do so because of your determination to create something new. I, too have felt the same way in finding something creative to add as a career and I found it through dance.

    Do you teach others how to paint?

    • Tara Erin

      Hi Yenitza – so excited to see you here. Yes, as a certified Intentional Creativity teacher one of my FAVORITE tools in my toolkit is what we call the “13-Step Method” for creating original paintings from imagination – or perhaps more accurately from our intuition and inner wisdom. I’ll be doing a yearlong painting as part of my Council of Muses creative mastermind group, and will offer additional painting project workshops throughout the year. And I really look forward to your dance lessons when you’re ready to start offering those again! – Tara

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