About Tara Erin

Artist In A Cubicle

As a career administrative professional, I’ve made a living and raised a family on creative problem-solving skills. I know, based on personal experience, that “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

I’m not suggesting that it wouldn’t be helpful if that “will” turned out to include the final will and testament of a distant relative bequeathing a small fortune in startup capital. I am suggesting, however, that if you lack a dream to invest in, you will never have the conviction and determination to overcome the problems that money cannot solve. Conversely, if you have a dream you believe in, a lack of money will be no obstacle: you will pursue it at any cost, and dedicate every resource, no matter how small, to making it a reality. Every little triumph is then cause for celebration, and the victory, when it comes, is all the sweeter for the struggle.

In my studio, we celebrate what is – in all its imperfect glory! – and we redefine what is possible by throwing off beliefs about what is practical, rules about what is possible, and the dictates of authorities outside of our own hearts. We come to KNOW that magic is not only possible – it is real, and we have it within ourselves.

When working with individuals one-on-one, I help them to cultivate Potentiality Awareness, to develop confidence in Imaginative Wisdom, and – most importantly – to gather a supportive Council of Kindred Spirits that help them move toward the realization of their dreams one heart-centered step at a time.

It is my deepest wish that those who gather here will find a community where they:

  • Feel safe, supported, and accepted
  • Experience curiosity, empowerment and possibility;
  • Laugh, play, and imagine with abandon and naiveite.

When I’m not teaching or at my day job, you can most often find me singing and painting in my studio, chasing down one of my sons for an impromptu writing workshop, or staging Insta-worthy photos of my sweetheart’s culinary concoctions (#LifeOfAWellKeptWoman). At the end of the day, my favorite way to unwind is a Shirley Temple with homemade grenadine (or a cider vinegar and maple syrup rum toddy) and an episode of The Daily Show.

Among those who love me best, I’m famous for leaving items in unusual places, for example: a sandwich in the linen closet, or a cell phone in the fridge. Currently, my gray fabric padfolio has gone missing. Wherever I left it, though, I swear it made sense at the time!

Why I Create

Whether I am an artist or not, judge for yourself. All that I can tell you is that I create because I must.

There have been times, of course – years on end, even – when I barely picked up a paintbrush, sketch pad, or composition book. Perhaps that is because in those times my creative impulse was directed elsewhere: toward the challenges of survival.

In the end, though, I always come back to the canvas, the drawing board, the unfinished story.

I come because what emerges never fails to surprise and delight me. In the darkest of times, I can bring to life my vision of a world that is more equitable, loving and abundant.

As a child, I believed that God wanted all of us to live forever in Paradise on earth because that is what I was taught.

As an adult, I believe that we are the Hands of God who can create that paradise earth, one heart-centered choice at a time. Beauty begets Beauty, and sharing my vision of Beauty is my piece of the red thread, my contribution to our collective creative potential.

This is why I create.

Muse on the Wall, WIP @ Studio Tara Erin, Summer 2018