This page is the main directory for all classes currently offered by Studio Tara Erin. 

Register for Artist in a Cubicle: Medicine Cabinet Weekly Cosmic Smashbooking Workshop,
and get Critic Begone to keep!

Register today, and not only willl you get access to my weekly Cosmic Smashbooking session, but you will get lifetime access to my e-course, Critic Begone!, 5 Bold Moves to Conquer Your Critic and Gain Creative Confidence,a Cosmic Smashbooking course you can use again and again.

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Critic Begone! 5 Bold Moves to Conquer Your Critic and Build Creative Confidence

In this course, you will create a very special art journal called a Cosmic Smashbook. Learn basic Smashbooking techniques you can return to again and again to help you overcome perfectionist tendencies, redirect your Inner Critic, and cultivate your Muse as an ally.

Cost: FREE with Registration

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Council of Muses Creative Mastermind

Council of Muses is a mastermind like no other.  With monthly report outs plus optional 1:1 coaching, it provides all the benefits of support and accountability that you expect and need from a mastermind group. To this I add quarterly virtual creativity retreats to help you develop your creative muscles and add a dash of inspiration to your goal-setting and project planning! 

Beginning in 2021, I’m introducing Open Studio hours* every Wednesday from 7 to 8 p.m. Eastern (4 to 5 p.m. Pacific), to ensure you have even more support in pursuing your professional goals, and monthly teaching videos for a full-year painting process you can complete at your own pace (though I certainly encourage keeping up if you can)! 

To enroll, go to and select the “Council of Muses Mastermind” tier for just $10 a month! Or, select either “Artist in a Cubicle” option for access to the Open Studio hours only.