This page is the main directory for all classes currently offered by Studio Tara Erin. 

Critic Begone! 5 Bold Moves to Conquer Your Critic and Build Creative Confidence

In this course, you will create a very special art journal called a Cosmic Smashbook. Learn basic Smashbooking techniques you can return to again and again to help you overcome perfectionist tendencies, redirect your Inner Critic, and cultivate your Muse as an ally.

Cost: $50.00

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Council of Muses Creative Mastermind

Council of Muses is a mastermind like no other.  With monthly report outs plus optional 1:1 coaching, it provides all the benefits of support and accountability that you expect and need from a mastermind group.

And then it get really good, because Council of Muses includes monthly creative practices and quarterly creativity retreats to help you develop your creative muscles and add a dash of inspiration to your goal-setting and project planning! 

Beginning in October 2021, I’m introducing 2 new features to provide even more access to support and creative inspiration. First, I’ll be scheduling informal Q&A and Open Studio sessions throughout the year to ensure you have even more support in pursuing your professional goals. Second, I’ll be sharing my “Artist in a Cubicle” hybrid bullet-and-smashbook journaling method in real time as it evolves. Artist in a Cubicle is a tool that can help you develop creative confidence and competence and make creativity an integral part of how you work instead of just a “nice hobby” you get around to when you can spare the time. 

Membership is $25/month if paid monthly, or $250 for the full year, and both memberships include access to my introductory Cosmic Smashbooking (R) course “Critic Begone! 5 Bold Moves to Conquer Your Critic and Build Creative Confidence”.

Special Offer: The administrative support profession has been very hard hit by the COVID pandemic, and I want to help.  If you are looking for work because of the pandemic, shoot me an email at You may be eligible for free monthly membership to Council of Muses!