Critic Begone!

Critic Begone! 5 Bold Moves to Conquer Your Critic and Build Creative Confidence

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The Problem: A Tale of Two Guardians

Each of us is born with two systems designed to help us navigate the world safely and authentically. The first is our Muse, the guardian of our Soul. The second is the Navigator, who helps us find our way through the world around us. Unfortunately, for many of us, the Muse is exiled early in life – usually by the time we reach middle school. In the absence of the Muse’s self-assured direction, the Navigator begins to pay attention to outside sources, especially those voices that tell it how to avoid painful and frightening experiences. Driven by fear, the Navigator becomes the Inner Critic.

You know the voice.

  • You’re too (fill in the blank). No one will ever accept that.
  • That’s too ambitious. What if you fail? Better to just stay in your lane.
  • Being a (singer/athlete/artist/etc.) is just a pipe dream. Focus on something practical instead.
  • Sure, you might look like you have it all together, but we know better, don’t we? You’re just one misstep away from total catastrophe.
  • Nobody cares what you think. Why should they?

The Inner Critic just wants to protect you…but instead it stifles you.  You end up:

  • Living small, in the “safe” space permitted and defined by the Inner Critic.
  • Giving up on dreams and goals due to negative self-image and poor self-confidence.
  • Missing out on your own life…and living someone else’s idea of your life.
  • Not even knowing yourself, due to the loss of the Muse in your life.

The Offering: Critic Begone!

Critic Begone is a video e-course that will help you learn to recognize the Inner Critic, and engage your Muse to reawaken the healthy Navigator instead.

In this 5-module course, you will create a Cosmic Smashbook** art journal and learn how to use it to:

  • Rest your burdens and gain necessary perspective for dealing with them.
  • Creatively set and focus your intentions for change.
  • Create new narratives that propel you in the direction of your dreams.

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The Benefits

Critic Begone! will help you learn to recognize and challenge the damaging Inner Critic narratives that are holding you back, and give you a tool kit for responding to and rewriting those narratives in ways that support you instead. You’ll also court your Muse, inviting her back into your life as a guide to joyful and authentic choices, and as an ally against the Inner Critic.

The Cosmic Smashbooking method** is uniquely suited to this work because it helps you to:

  • Reclaim childlike delight through playful activities with no pressure to “get it right”.
  • Gain confidence in your creative instincts as you learn to use unexpected results to gain insight into underlying fears, and to reveal new possibilities.
  • Learn to recognize and redirect your Inner Critic narratives before they can sabotage your dreams and goals.
  • Transform negative self talk into creative intention through simple journaling practices that you can return to again and again.
  • Discover creative freedom to write your own narratives, set your own intentions, and manifest your true creative potential!

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But I’m Not Creative… 

Are you sure that’s not your Inner Critic trying to protect you? It’s easy to mistake creativity for artistic skill or technique, but real creativity is something more basic than that. And it belongs to every living human being on the Earth. That’s why Cosmic Smashbooking is specifically designed to be accessible to anyone.

  • We use inexpensive materials – like composition books, crayons and glue sticks.
  • We emphasize simple techniques – like free writing and collage.
  • There are no mistakes in Cosmic Smashbooking – ONLY “Unexpected Results”.
  • You will be supported – the Slack classroom offers a safe and private space to get support, be inspired, and celebrate breakthroughs in a caring creative community.
  • CLICK HERE for a sneak peek at the course Supply List.

If you are ready to get control of your Inner Critic, and you’re willing to write and cut and glue stuff, YOU CAN DO THIS!
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This is Your Life. Live It! 

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.” – Steven Pressfield, Introduction to The War of Art.

You may be feeling like you already have so much going on, you couldn’t possibly add something else to your plate right now. But unless you are boldly pursuing your biggest dreams and goals, the truth is you’re not living your FULL life. And it’s likely the Inner Critic is a big part of what’s holding you back. Every minute you spend trapped by the Inner Critic is, in a sense, lost time.

In his introduction to the War of Art, Steven Pressfield puts it this way:

“Unless I’m crazy, right now a small voice is piping up, telling you as it has ten thousand times the calling that is your and yours alone. And unless I’m crazy, you’re no closer to taking action on it than you were yesterday, or will be tomorrow. You think Resistance is not real? Resistance will bury you.”

Critic Begone is a course designed to help you begin to gain control over one of the biggest sources of Resistance that most people experience every day, the Inner Critic.

The real question is not whether can you afford to cultivate your creativity – what Pressfield refers to as your “genius”. The question is: can you afford NOT to?

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What You Get

Critic Begone is a self-paced video e-Course and includes: 

  • 5 Lessons broken out into 21 short step-by-step videos + PDF Supply List
  • Private Slack classroom for feedback and support
  • Access to all materials for the lifetime of the course*


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“Studio Tara Erin conducts amazing, personalized artist classes that give every attendee a unique creative outlet that helps people grow in their own personal and professional lives. I’ve been pleased to have been on my own journey of creative growth, and this has helped me start my own side business and learn more about myself! Tara is a wonderful teacher and is patient, kind and helpful. Her classes nurture your creative abilities and draw out things you never knew about yourself that materialize in your artistry work. I highly recommend Studio Tara Erin!”

Renee V., Boston, MA

“I am BRAND new to the Cosmic Smashbook concept and I absolutely adore it.  I can see it seriously impacting my practise going forward.  I really enjoyed taking part in the course and Tara’s teaching style was super engaging.  I love playing with different materials and tuning into my subconscious and this brought some incredible revelations!!”    

Claire Venus, UK –

See you in the classroom!
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*Lifetime of the course is defined as the entire period for which Studio Tara Erin offers the course in its active curriculum, and not less than 12 months from the time of purchase.

**Critic Begone! introduces concepts and methods of Cosmic Smashbooking as created by Catt Geller. Tara Erin is a certified Cosmic Smashbooking Guide.